25-pound Washers

Large washers at Pacific Beach coin laundry, San Diego CA
Monaco Coin Laundry basket of laundry Monaco Coin Laundry basket of laundry Large washers at a Mission Beach coin laundry San Diego CA

These washers will hold 2 & ½ regular-sized baskets of laundry.

Save Money On Large Loads

Our large double load modern washers offer you the best wash for larger amounts of laundry, holding over two normal-sized laundry baskets dry clothes. These high performance machines have a standard two-wash/three-rinse cycle and the option of an additional "heavy soil" wash cycle.

User tips

  • Load machine with clothes front to back bottom to top until about 5" of space remain above your hand.
  • 1/2 cup of soap MAX--less if loaded less than full. (Most use too much soap).
  • Select wash cycle BEFORE adding coins.
  • Ensure all items are far enough into machine so to keep from getting pinched in door when it's closed.