Wash Comforters, Pillows and Blankets

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Wash comforters at Monaco Coin Laundry San Diego CA


Check your manufacturer's instructions! A down comforter shouldn't be washed too often--but it should be washed. Use a large washer; be sure there's room for the comforter to tumble. Use a gentle soap like Woolite, and select the gentle cycle. To dry, use large dryer on low heat.

Wash pillows at Monaco Coin Laundry in San Diego CA


Down pillows should be washed every year, but most home washers aren't large enough to do the job--and the center agitator can damage the delicate feathers. Our front-loading commercial washers don't have an agitator, and they're large enough to hold several pillows and wash them thoroughly.

Check your manufacturer's instructions! But in general, washing a pillow is simple. Wash pillows separately from your other laundry. Don't use too much soap; use the gentle cycle. Dry on low heat and check it frequently; remove them as soon as they're dry.

Wash blankets at Monaco Coin Laundry San Diego


Check your manufacturer's instructions! Most blankets can be washed with a gentle liquid soap such as Woolite. Use a large washer--don't crowd it. Select the gentle cycle. Dry on low heat and check often to make sure it's not getting too hot.