Tips and Tricks

  • Before loading a machine, it's always smart to look inside for anything left behind that could damage or stain your clothes.
  • It's a good idea to check all your pockets, too, then zipper all zippers and button all buttons.
  • When your wash cycle ends, always give the washer drum a spin because an item (usually a sock) may be stuck to the top of the washer drum and you won't see it just looking in. With the dryers, look in the very front of the machine; that is also a spot socks like to hide from you.
  • Make sure "door locked" light comes on before you walk away from our Maytag 1.5 load machines.
  • Make sure all laundry is clear of the glass door gasket area before closing the door. This keeps a tight seal and prevents water in the machine from leaking out.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there is a question that is not answered here, please contact us at If you are at the store and have a problem with our equipment, or think something needs our immediate attention, please call our service. We will be contacted immediately and patched through to you. 24 hr Answering Service: (619) 699-6027

Is it safe to leave my things in your machines if I have errands to run?
Your things are always safe in our washers. They all are locked for the wash cycle and the time remaining is displayed for you. Our dryers cannot be locked for safety reasons so once items are drying it is best to stay with them. We have never had something stolen from an operating dryer but have had rare instances of folks leaving things in dryers after they stopped for hours and items have gone missing.
How much can I load in your washers?
All front-load washers can be loaded as follows: back to front, bottom to top, until about 5 inches remain above your hand. Pat the clothes down firmly, not packed tight and look for the space of about 5 inches remains above your hand. That's a full washer. It may look overloaded to you but trust me, this is correct. Once your clothes get wet they contract, which will leave you with plenty of room for your cloths to wash.
How much can I load in your dryers?
Dryers can be loaded back to front, bottom to top until about 1/2 way up the dryer door. Your wet things need room to tumble and as they dry they will expand and fill your dryer. Also, this amount of clothes will allow your items to remain fairly wrinkle-free. If you overload the dryers they will take longer to dry and in extreme cases, will overheat the motors and the dryer will shut off.
I left my clothes here last week--do you have them?
We dry & bag any clothes left behind. We then store them until we run out of space (about 4 months). If you ever leave something behind, call us as soon as you realize it and we will secure it for you.
This machine broke or I don't like how it worked. Can I get a refund?
We ALWAYS will give you your money back with our apology. The customer is ALWAYS right in our store. We pride ourselves in staying on top of our equipment and if you let us know something didn't work right it is a big help for us. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. Call us at (858) 270-8410 or email
My clothes did not spin out of a 1.5 load Maytag machine and are very wet; how come?
It is possible the machine is broken but more likely you had an "out of balance" situation--when the machine tried to high speed spin it started shaking violently. When this happens the machine will slow down and seem stuck at 5 minutes as it tries to re-balance the load. If it cannot, after about 10 minutes the machine cycle will end and you will have wet clothes. We will refund your wash. To try to prevent this, keep like weighted items in the same machine i.e. no heavy blanket in with light T-shirts. If you have items like that it's best to put them in the large front loaders. They are bolted to the floor and never go out of balance.
Your large 40 lb machine stopped and "10E" light came on where the time remaining was. What happened?
It could be one of two things: either the drain is clogged or you have entered too much soap. If the front of the machine glass looks like a white out, that's too much soap. In any event, press start again and the machine will continue its cycle. If it still has too much soap you may have to wait a few minutes for the suds to dissipate.