Sleeping Bags and Other Outdoor Gear

Wash sleeping bags at Monaco Coin Laundry

Sleeping Bags

Check your manufacturer's instructions! If they allow machine washing, our large, efficient washing machines are perfect for your sleeping bags. Zip the bag first, and don't use too much soap. Special soaps for cleaning sleeping bags are available--check your camping equipment store. Otherwise, use a mild soap and again, don't use too much. Select the gentle cycle. Our machines rinse twice and spin out more water than a home machine ever could, so it'll get your bag clean, soap-free and wrung-out. Use a large enough washer, on low heat.

Other Outdoor Gear

Tarps, packs, web belts, and other camping gear can be cleaned in any of our machines. Though most tent manufacturers don't recommend machine-washing, we've seen people do it. Check your manufacturer's instructions.